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5 Luxurious Wedding Destinations You May Not Have Thought About
15.March 2013 By Sergio (Guest Post) Comments (0)

It is said that along with moving house, getting married is one of the most stressful things you will do. It's meant to be the happiest day of your life, but instead you're so bogged down with seating plans and flower arrangements, you're sleep deprived, not to mention starving after that crazy diet to get into your dream dress!

destination wedding

Is it any wonder that so many people these days choose to marry abroad? There are some fantastic wedding packages out there which will take care of the whole thing, and once the wedding is over there's no need to move on for your honeymoon because you're already on holiday!

Of course, it's likely that not all of your friends and relatives will be able to make it to your wedding if you choose to elope, but it's YOUR day so you should be free to do whatever makes YOU happy!
I've picked out my top 5 luxurious wedding destinations, each of them has something completely different to offer and they should get you thinking!

South Africa's Garden Route

Situated along one of the most beautiful coastlines in South Africa, the Garden Route is an ideal wedding location for those looking for an amazing backdrop for their wedding photos, with beaches, lakes, rivers, indigenous forests, and mountains, the Garden Route has got it all! There's a great range of wedding venues and 5* accommodation in Garden Route to cater for whatever style of wedding you're looking for. And once the wedding is over why not spend your honeymoon on safari?! (There are no special requirements for getting married in SA, similar to marrying in the UK you must consult the marriage officer/registrar prior to getting married and the same prohibitions as British law apply.)


destination wedding

There are literally hundreds of Greek Islands, how can you possibly choose the best one to get married on? All of them are subjected to the amazing Greek sunshine, so it comes down to personal preference and what you want from your

wedding. For example, Rhodes is one of the best islands for chapel weddings and is easy to get to with it having a fairly large airport. Corfu’s old town is packed with historic wedding venues and again is easy to get to as it has an airport. 

If you’re looking for something a bit different then islands like Tilos are perfect. Tilos is only accessible by a 2 hour hover-boat ride from Rhodes but once you’re there the beauty of the island takes your breath away and you’ll feel a million miles away from life in the UK! (The Greek authorities require birth certificates among other things so check before you book).


destination wedding
Left photo by Alwarur

The traditional choice for a beach front wedding, with its clear blue waters and white sand there’s really no other place for a beach holiday. I mean, obviously there are other beaches, but Mauritius just has everything you’ll need for a beach front wedding and the honeymoon of a lifetime rolled into one! It really does deserve its title as the Jewel of the Indian Ocean!

With the option to have the wedding ceremony and reception at the hotel you’re staying at, or at a different venue, or even your own private island if your budget allows for it, you can tailor your wedding in Mauritius to suit your needs. (The Supreme Court in Mauritius needs one month’s notice prior to your wedding taking place, and it’s recommended that you reside on the island for at least 3 days before your wedding day.)


destination wedding
Left photo by Hell-N, bottom right photo by Nori832

Not the most obvious choice for a wedding destination I know, where are the beaches and sunshine? Hear me out though and hopefully I can change your mind! Everyone does beach weddings these days, and as lovely as they are, why not go a bit wild on your big day and do pretty much the opposite of a beach? Quebec is one of the most romantic cities in the continent of North America, with winding ancient streets, and its rich French heritage lending a European way of life.

As far as wedding venues go, the Hotel de Glace (French for Ice Hotel) has got to be one of the most amazing places on Earth. This incredible ice hotel is rebuilt every need to plan your wedding around that. (A marriage license must be obtained in person around 9 weeks before your wedding day for weddings in Quebec.)


destination wedding
Top left photo by Cezar Perelles, top right photo by Hernan Herrero, bottom photo by Sergio Sanchez destination wedding

Again, not the most obvious choice of wedding destination but let me try and sell the idea to you! Argentina is home to amazing scenery such as waterfalls, mountains, glacial lakes, and an abundance of wildlife for the nature lovers amongst you. How about having your wedding photos taken against the stunning backdrop of the Andes mountain range or the Patagonian Lake District? Then get into the Argentine way of life and party until the early hours! It’s the perfect place for adventurous newlyweds to carry on their honeymoon as well with hikes in the Andes and trips to see the penguins in Patagonia! Or visit Buenos Aires and immerse yourselves in true Argentine culture and learn to tango like a true Latino! (There are no special visa requirements for marrying in Argentina but get in touch with the local registry office in the area you wish to get married for more information).

So hopefully I’ve been able to give you a few different ideas to get you thinking and help you along the way to planning your perfect day! Speak to friends and family, get recommendations, but above all, go with your gut and do what makes the two of you happy, it’s YOUR day after all!

About the author: Sergio Bonaducci is a freelance writer with a wide variety of interests. In addition to this, he has a video game review website containing a variety of reviews and features.


We have tried our best to contact and acknowledge the owners of all images used where applicable but if we have neglected to credit anyone for images in this post please do get in touch.


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