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Five Ingenious ways to Display your Wedding Photographs
24.May 2013 By Kirsty (Guest Post) Comments (0)

You’ve had the dream wedding, everything went to plan and now you are left with the exciting prospect of seeing your wedding photographs. Amazing – You receive the photographs and they are better than expected, you look stunning and now all you want to do is show the world. The question is, how do you show these amazing wedding photos off?

wedding photo sharing

 Social Media

Start with the obvious, upload all of your pictures to your Facebook account, tag as many of the guests as possible and encourage them to tag those you haven’t done already. Tagging photos will also enable you to cement those new family relationships you made on the wedding day with your other half’s long lost family members.

Don’t just stop at Facebook, a great way to display your images with the wider world is through Pinterest. Pinterest a social image platform, that enables you to create “Boards” that others can follow, comment and “re-pin” enabling your wedding pictures to be seen by a wider audience. Pinterest is also great for guests who don’t have Facebook accounts as they can freely access Pinterest boards as opposed to registering to Facebook.

wedding photo sharing


This isn’t a low cost option, but it’s a great way to display your images to the world. There are many companies out there offering canvas photos today, simply send your images over to the canvassing company and they will return the finished canvas to you in your desired sizing. A canvas photo can also be a great gift to give to close relatives, enabling them to hang the picture within their house.

Create a blog

Creating a blog is a great way to document all of your wedding. Ideally you should start a blog for your wedding prior to the big day, enabling guests to keep up to date with plans and what you are up to. Creating a blog for your wedding will enable to display all of your images on to the blog for all of your guests to look over after the big day. To make guests aware of the blog make sure you include the blog address on the wedding invitation, actively encouraging them to visit to keep up to date with goings on.

Use a professional photo album service

Your photographer may have created a pretty photo album of your day, but why not use the services of a professional album maker. Numerous companies are out there who will professionally bind your photographs and make them look simply stunning. Granted this album will only seen by a select few, but what a great way to display your wedding photos.

wedding photo sharing

Frame your photos

Another great way to display some of your images is by simply investing in a nice frame and framing those special images from the day. To make a bigger impression blow the image size up and hang in a prevalent place within your home. By framing the image you will be able to preserve it and be reminded of your special day every time you pass. 



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