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Six Awesome Ideas for a Magnificent Winter Wedding
10.March 2014 By Dax Vyas Comments (0)

Many couples shy away from a winter wedding either because of the extreme cold or because of the probability of winter storms. But winter wedding has its own charm, given it is planned and decorated properly. It would be intriguing to turn a cold, dull day into the most memorable day of your life with lights, flowers, stunning centerpieces and of course, lots of love. Here are few unusual ideas that can make your winter wedding absolutely gorgeous.

Ice sculptures

1. Snow Balls on Tree Branches

Snow on branches is so entrancing. You can add the same riveting beauty by using artificial tree branches. Spray some artificial snow on branches. Though both branches and snow are artificial, this décor has its own natural, stately beauty. But the branches will look livelier when they are paired with snow balls or wedding pomander balls. Be sure to specify white color to your decorators. Use ornament hooks to attach pomanders to the branches.

2. Candles on Frosted Glasses

You’ll surely be using chandeliers and light bulbs for illuminating the hall, but when it comes to tables, a personalized lighting decoration would be the best. For this, candles on frosted glasses can impart that perfect elegance you’re looking for. The candles would look more charming when they follow the above décor tip.

You can place small candles at suitable places across the branches, while medium sized candles can be arranged in a circular way at the base. The tree will appear absolutely dazzling in the soft light of the candles.

3. Ice Sculptures and Ice Luges

Ice sculptures carved to suit the basic theme of your winter wedding can add that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding. It is easy to find an ice sculptor who can create a custom sculptor on the basis of your ideas. It can function as the centerpiece too, and can also create a sculpture that doubles as an ice luge!

The best part about these sculptures is that they can be customized, which means you can get them in any shape and size. You may even ask the manufacturers to suspend additional decorative elements within the sculpture like flowers and ribbons. Place blue-colored LED lights around the ice sculptures. The ice sculpture and luges, illuminated by blue light from underneath, will look exquisite and elegant. Ice sculptures

4. White Linens with Silver Mesh

If you want a pristine winter effect in your wedding, then make sure you use white linens. To create a more mystical theme, use silver mesh to embellish the linens. Cover tables and chairs with white linens. Use the mesh as ribbon. Tie them at the back of the chairs. Silver mesh can also be used to wrap the vases. The silver mesh will give a subtle glittery look to embellishments.

You can make small flowers out of the mesh and can tie them around the tree branches. Flowers made of silver mesh will serve as great alternatives for pomander balls as the candles underneath will make them sparkle. However, the flowers can be used along with pomander balls to add to the glamor.

5. White Lanterns

An oriental touch to your winter wedding will serve as perfect finishing touch, and lanterns are the perfect and most reasonable products for this. White round shaped lanterns will enhance aesthetic presence of the décor and will leave your guests in complete awe. Hang the lanterns above each table to make the entire arrangement more graceful and enticing.

6. Chocolate Fountains

While the adults will be more than happy guzzling drinks from the ice luge, you need something hot and sweet for the kids. Why not set up a number of hot chocolate fountains across the room? Not only will the dark brown of the flowing chocolate add to the ambience of your winter theme, but it will add warmth, both literally and figuratively, to your wedding!

Wrapping up

Winter weddings have their own beauty. In addition, a winter wedding can save you a lot of money. Because of the cold weather, most people refrain from getting married during this season, and this causes a sharp decline in price of venues and wedding professionals. Though heavy snow can give a tough time, winter is a great time for those couples who wish to tie the knots within their budget without compromising on the pomp and show.

Author Bio: Dax Vyas is associated with FestiveIce. Festive Ice is a one of the leading ice sculpture designer based in Ontario, Canada. It provides services regarding Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain for wedding decorations. You can also connect him at Face book and twitter.


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