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Special Touches That'll Give Your Guests a Wedding To Remember
09.May 2013 By Sergio (Guest Post) Comments (0)

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do. You want it to be special and memorable for all the right reasons. You’re trying to take into account the tastes and preferences of your guests in a strained attempt to please everyone. But you don’t need to go over the top and stress yourself out in the quest for the perfect day for you and your guests, there are plenty of simple touches that will make the day special, without breaking the bank:

wedding entertainment

Arrange accommodation for guests

If you’ve got guests coming from out of town it’s a good idea to reserve some rooms in a nearby hotel that are comfortable yet affordable. Your guests won’t want to pay over the odds for 5* hotel rooms, they just need somewhere cheap and amenable to stay for the evening. Reserving the rooms for your guests to book is a nice touch that will add to their overall enjoyment of the day. Obviously, if your budget allows, it’s a nice idea to pay for the rooms for your guests to make the experience extra special for them!

Arrange travel to the venue

 Often the wedding ceremony and the reception take place in separate venues, particularly if you’re getting married in a church. If your guests aren’t familiar with the area they may not feel very relaxed about driving between the different locations. Also, those who have driven to your wedding won’t be able to partake in the Champagne toast for fear of drink-driving! Arranging VIP coach travel to get your guests to the venue is a special touch that your guests will be grateful for.

Personalised favours

Traditionally the favours handed out to guests would be 5 white sugared almonds in a satin or organza bag tied with ribbons. The 5 almonds symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. However, the wedding favour has now come to be more of a small token gift to thank your guests for attending. Some couples choose to personalise their wedding favours with their guests’ names and use them as unique place settings at the reception. Photos of your guests in individual frames make fun place settings. And why not fill small, individual candy dispensers with each guest’s favourite sweets for a special touch that they’ll remember?

Get your guests involved

This is a particularly nice touch if you’re tying the knot on a tight budget! If you have any crafty guests you can involve them in the planning stages i.e. helping to make handmade invitations, place settings, table decorations, and even the wedding cake. If you have any musically talented guests you could invite them to play a few songs at your wedding while the band or DJ takes a break. And I’m pretty sure we all know someone with a flair for photography or video-making! Getting your guests involved in aspects of your big day will make it special for your guests and all the more memorable for everyone.

Organise some reception activities

For example you could devise a quiz and ask your guests to get into teams to compete for a prize. Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition so this will certainly make your day stand out from other weddings they’ve been to. Or how about a dance competition to encourage your guests to get into the party spirit? And with the recent popularity of cupcakes how about a decorate-it-yourself cupcake bar where guests can create their own dessert after dinner!

About the author: Sergio Bonaducci is a freelance writer with a wide variety of interests. In addition to this, he has a video game review website containing a variety of reviews and features.


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