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Top 10 Wedding Vehicles Of Choice
10.March 2013 By Sergio (Guest Post) Comments (0)

Wedding survey site Hitched W.I.F.E (Wedding Industry Facts and Economics) releases a breakdown of common practices and expenditure on weddings in the UK every year. The figures show that the average cost of a wedding is £36,000 from engagement to honeymoon. Of this £303 on average is spent on wedding vehicles, with 78% of brides still choosing a classic limousine to travel to the ceremony.

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Depending on the locations of your ceremony and reception together with your personal preferences you may need solutions for one or all of the following people; the bride and groom separately before the wedding, the wedding party, your guests, the couple after the ceremony or at the end of the night. The car(s) you choose should be based on practical aesthetic considerations but remember to have fun deciding. Here is a mix of ten of the most popular and off-the-wall ideas for wedding transport.

Classic choices for the bride and groom

  • Limousine: Limos have always been popular wedding vehicles, but more and more they’ve also been the car of choice for many other events. If you’re going to compete with the cast of The Only Way is Essex you’ll need to hire a limo in Essex. The most popular wedding vehicle is currently the Rolls Royce Phantom, a gorgeous limo that will bring class and elegance to your big day.
  • Sports car: Hiring a car by the hour is a golden opportunity to get the car of your dreams for a short time. The Jaguar E-type was recently voted the UK’s favourite sports car in a survey by Silverstone Classic race events. Why not speed away in your ultimate car after the ceremony. Don’t pass up the chance to drive it yourself- you won’t need a chauffeur for this one!
  • Horse and carriage: this will give you the sensation of going back in time to era of lord and ladies, castles and country estates. For any woman that wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day this is the perfect choice. If you choose an open air carriage make sure the carriage has an optional hood to protect you in the event of rain.

wedding vehicles

Alternative transport for the bride and groom

  • Motorbike (optional side car): this works for the bride and groom but not so much for the bride on her way to the ceremony. Many brides travel with their father or mother plus a driver. This is also going to have a niche fan base but it is narrowed further by these conditions. If you like the idea of including a motorcycle but don’t feel you or your partner could ride it on the day then why not arrange a motorcycle escort to travel alongside your car.
  • Truck limo: Trucking fans will be excited to hear that a new trend of converted big rig luxury limousines is starting to emerge in the UK. The polished paint work ad chrome trimmings will gleam on a sunny day and the view from the cab will be fantastic.
  • Converted Taxi: taxis are iconic vehicles in many countries around the world and have become popular as wedding vehicles. New York Yellow cabs, London black cabs and Thai Tuk Tuks can all be hired. Black cabs are reportedly well suited to brides in large wedding gowns which is often difficult to squeeze into a car. Tuk Tuks are motorised rickshaws and are already popular as wedding vehicles in South and East Asia. It’s now possible to hire these in the UK. I recommend them for summer weddings as these are open at the sides, leaving you exposed to the elements.
  • Helicopter: make the grandest entrance possible in a helicopter. Ask one of the wedding party on the ground to make sure all the guests are outside to see your arrival at the reception.

Guest and wedding party transport

  • Volkswagen bus: vans and buses are ideal for transporting more than just the bride and groom. The VW bus is the right size for a small wedding party or makes a spacious ride for the bride and groom.
  • Ice cream van: This is for fun loving couples who want to keep their wedding day light and humorous. There are converted ice cream vans with plush seats in the back or working
  • Routemaster bus: These double-decker buses are great for transporting guests from one venue to another. In general they accommodate around 60 to 70 people seated. They’re also such a symbol of British life that it will be a nice nod to your heritage on your wedding day.

About the author: Sergio Bonaducci is a freelance writer with a wide variety of interests. In addition to this, he has a video game review website containing a variety of reviews and features.


We have tried our best to contact and acknowledge the owners of all images used where applicable but if we have neglected to credit anyone for images in this post please do get in touch.


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