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Wedding Favours with a Rustic Touch
05.April 2013 By (Guest Post) Comments (0)

The rustic country style look has been making a comeback and has become one of the most popular themes of late. While weddings have been moving towards more modern, non-traditional settings and themes, for the most part the aesthetic of the elegant, classical wedding remains a popular choice, now adding to the mix creative rustic touches. This lovely mix of traditional and rustic charm leaves a lot of room to incorporate old-fashioned inspired wedding favours that will make your guests smile.

rustic wedding favours


When contemplating a traditional, rustic, country style wedding the first thing that comes to mind is home made goodies. The country lifestyle has always been built around the idea of rich homemade food and handmade crafts. While in the old days you'd have no choice but to whip up your own homemade rustic party favours, today's brides can find them online and instead spend their time on other wedding planning activities. Today's rustic party favours come in a fantastic variety of traditional fineries that include small tapestries, pretty woven wedding gift bags that you can fill with sweet treats, beautiful flower arrangements with pots that are reminiscent of rustic crockery, and replica's of historic canning jars with elegant wedding touches.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to what appears like homemade goodies, and not all of them take a master to create (not that you'll need to). The essence of homemade goodies has always come from personalisation, so just make sure they are unique to your ceremony. If you have the time (or you can buy them pre-made) simply add some jam or jelly to lovely little jars, labeled with custom printed stickers, perhaps with a picture of the happy couple or your names and date on them. You can also purchase miniature pastries for your guests, placed in miniature gift boxes with rustic embellishments.

The best approach is to stick with what you know. Not only does this make the gift more personal, it'll be that much easier for you to plan out. Whether your tastes lean toward a variety of old world crafts and plan on setting the tables with a variety of wedding favours, or you prefer to stick with flower arrangements, culinary treats, or what appear to be various rust arts that resemble the needle art that was so popular in the past, you'll be able to provide your guests with a small personal gift they'll always remember.

Your wedding guests will always appreciate something to remember your special day by which is why it's important to pay special attention to the wedding favours you provide. There are some wonderful online stores that offer beautiful wedding favours that provide a hand crafted, rustic appeal and they always make memorable gifts that your guests will treasure long after your special day has past.

rustic wedding favours

rustic wedding favours

Author: The Wedding Favour Shop is an online store that offers a wide range of unique wedding favours to suit just about any wedding theme. They offer a flat rate shipping of $9 anywhere in Australia, Canada and the USA. 




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