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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free and contact us at support [at] with any questions you might have.

Are there any additional charges other than the initial purchase price?

No, the price you pay is for the package you choose and lasts for one year only. You will need to contact us if you want to extend beyond the year sign up period. An option to 'extend' your current package will be available in a future add-on.

Do I get a free or .com domain with my website?

Your Free domain name will be a prefix of the ''.
So for instance if you want to have 'alex-and-jo' the domain name would be '
If you do want your own personal domain name , we can buy this for you, please email to stating what domain name you would like and we can forward details of costs.

Can I have more space to enable me to have more photographs on my website?

Yes we have 3 packages that should suffice for most people. The top package allows 1000MB of space. This equates to around 300+ photos if each photo is 3MB.

I am concerned about any personal information on my website appearing on the search engines,  can I prevent my site from appearing in a web search?

Yes. You have the option to prevent search engines from indexing your website in your 'website settings' panel. You can also password protect the entire site.

How can I make a suggestion for the website?

Please contact

How can I report a problem?

Please contact

How many photos can I upload to my website?

It depends on the physical file size of each photo. If each photo is 3 MB (typical size) then the basic package of 100MB would allow for approximately 33 images. However if your photos are only  1 MB each you could have up to 200 photos with the basic package.
You must also ensure that your photos are the correct resolution at 72dpi, if you have any problems please email us at 

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