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How To Create A Unique wedding Reception
17.May By Sergio (Guest Post) Comments (0)

Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, and most of us hope that we’ll only have one wedding day in our lives! So an increasing number of brides and grooms to be are seeking out unique wedding reception ideas to make their big day extra special and memorable for their guests. There are literally hundreds of ways you can make your wedding reception stand out from the crowd but there are several key areas to focus on:

wedding reception

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Top 3 popular themes for DIY weddings
14.May By Sarah (Guest Post) Comments (0)

DIY weddings are a great way of getting hitched on a budget.  The other main benefit of hosting a DIY wedding is the freedom it gives you to craft an extremely personal day that is a great reflection of you and your partner’s personalities.  DIY weddings are often among the most memorable because of the time, effort, love and attention to detail that the couple put into hand making and arranging every aspect of the day themselves.  DIY weddings are often themed and the theme can be as imaginative, wacky or classic as you want.  We’ve come up with our top 3 popular themes for a DIY wedding and ways that they can be created using low budget materials.

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